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Shelter In Place

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Wally Shows You How to Shelter In Place

  1. Go inside, close doors and windows, and turn off fans, air conditioners, and heaters.
  2. Listen to the television and radio for emergency messages and stay off the phone.
  3. Stay inside until the all clear is given.

Who knows better than a turtle that going into your shell is often the best first response for an emergency? That explains why Wally Wise Guy, a bigger-than-life character, is an effective tool for teaching local children about an important self-protective emergency response called “shelter in place”.

Wally has a simple message: In an emergency involving hazardous materials, it’s often
smarter to shelter in place rather than run away from the problem. Wally and his traveling companion, Swamp Sally, teach children to go inside, listen to the television and radio and stay off the phone.

The Wally Wise Guy education program funded by Ascension Parish Chemical Industry’s CAER Committee targets school children in grades PK - 2nd grade in Ascension Parish.

In addition to having a visit from Wally, children in Wally’s program receive gifts which highlight his message. But more importantly, the children learn how to protect themselves in the event of an emergency.

With his green face, yellow belly, red and yellow baseball cap, purple shirt, red tennis shoes and ready smile, Wally wins the hearts of his audience, the young and the young at heart. And because each audience is unique, Wally’s message was developed to be understood and enjoyed by all.

Wally was developed by the Deer Park Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) in Texas and brought to Ascension Parish where he has since delivered his message to thousands of youngsters in the Parish. In fact, his message is spreading throughout the United States. Today, it is considered the most effective awareness program for teaching children how to shelter in place.

Because we CAER

The Ascension Parish Chemical Industry’s CAER Committee has installed a community siren alerting system, designed to be heard within an approximate radius of 2.5 miles of each plant, in the area in which the plants are located. The system will provide effective early warning for the community.
EMERGENCY that could pose a threat to people who are near the chemical plants, the sirens will be activated, emitting a loud pulsing signal only in areas where immediate action is necessary.
The community Siren Emergency Alerting System is tested each Monday at noon. IF YOU HEAR THE SIREN at any other time, you should stay calm, but assume that a real emergency exists.
Then follow these steps:

Step 1: Go Inside

Immediately go inside a building such as your house, school, or business. An interior room without windows is preferred. Even a vehicle can provide some protection if there is no building near you.
If your children are at school or a day care center, DO NOT ATTEMPT TO PICK UP YOUR CHILDREN.
The teachers are trained to protect your children and will follow the Shelter-In-Place procedures.

Step 2: Close All
Doors and Windows

Make sure you close and lock all doors and windows.
Locking makes a better seal.
Place damp towels or sheets at the bottom of doors and windows to help seal them off. You may also cover windows with plastic sheeting and seal cracks around the doors and windows with duct tape.

Step 3: Turn Off Fans, Air Conditioners and Heaters

Turn off attic and ceiling fans, heaters, and air conditioners. Close all air vents and ventilations systems to prevent outside air from coming in. If you have a fireplace, check the damper and close it ONLY IF there is no fire in the fireplace.

Step 4: Turn on a Radio and Television

Turn on a radio to 1590 AM and any TV station for further information or instructions regarding the chemical emergency.

Step 5: Stay Off the Phone

Do not use the phone unless absolutely necessary because emergency personnel may call to give specific instructions on what to do.
DO NOT CALL 911 unless you are reporting an immediate life-threatening situation.

Step 6 Stay Inside Until Given the All Clear

You need to stay inside until the “ALL CLEAR” siren is sounded. And, stay tuned to the radio and television until the “ALL CLEAR” message is broadcast. When the “ALL CLEAR” message is given, you may resume your normal activities.
You may want to open all doors and windows, and turn on ventilation systems to air out the house, school, or business.
Now that you know what to do in case of a chemical emergency, you should review and practice these steps at your house, school or business.
Being prepared is the key to protecting yourself, your children, and co-workers.
For more information on Shelter-In-Place, the Community Siren Emergency Alerting System, the CAER Committee, and other related information, go to or contact one of the CAER member companies.



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