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The "magic" of our chemical industry that enhances the quality of life in our society has become the expected. Everywhere you look you see items that did not exist 25 years ago that have been made available by the chemical industry. Many of our basic items, shoes for example, have been completely renovated because of the advances in the chemical industry. In this particular case, the method of creating the foam soles has lead to an explosion of the sports shoe industry.

Another example is automobile bumpers. How many new cars do you see on the road with chrome-plated metal bumpers? The automobile and chemical industries have collaborated to develop crash resistant "plastic" bumpers that dampen the impact of low speed crashes, lower the cost of producing the automobile, and help reduce passenger injuries.

Rubicon Inc. is a chemical manufacturing facility located on approximately 75 acres near the intersection of La. State Highways 73 and 75. The facility produces polyurethane components and diphenylamine that are part of the many innovations we are witnessing.

Rubicon started operations in 1965 and has grown from 88 employees at that time to the 810 presently employed. The company name "Rubicon" comes from the name of a river in Italy, and is not a "combination" of other words as is commonly done to name an organization. Rubicon is a joint venture between Huntsman and Crompton Corporation.

The facility routinely uses common chemicals such as: ammonia, aniline, benzene, chlorine, ethylene oxide, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen, nitric acid, propylene oxide, sulfuric acid, in addition to many intermediates that are produced in the processes. These chemicals are handled in bulk and utilize rail cars, tank trucks, and pipelines to transport both raw materials and finished products. The company produces chemicals that are used in a wide variety of consumer products such as insulation (refrigerators), foam cushions (car and chair seats), bowling balls, car bumpers, shoes, furniture, paints, tires, particle board, glues, and pharmaceuticals. These chemicals are used to create finished products that are used every day to make life easier.

Rubicon has demonstrated our ability to safely handle and produce chemicals. Rubicon’s employees have worked over 7.5 million hours since the last lost time accident and we are on our way to 7 years without a lost time accident.

Rubicon maintains its own fire and emergency brigade. The brigade members are trained to meet all regulatory requirements. Rubicon also has a nurse and trained first responders on site in case of an emergency.

The fact that the employees working on the site are statistically as much as 10 times safer than traveling to and from work or being at home has a lot to say about our company and the chemical industry in general. Nearly all chemical companies have safety records that exceed every other industry, including such "safe" occupations as teaching, store clerks, etc.

Our production facilities are designed to operate as safely and efficiently as possible. This combination, safety and efficiency, along with constant improvement has allowed the company to be a profitable organization that is a very valuable asset to the community. Rubicon is committed to our employees, neighbors, and community. Ascension parish is a great place to be and Rubicon is proud to be part of it.


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